The earth doesn’t need biodiversity. We do.
Let’s conserve it.

Torn? Used? Bruised?
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One For Blue helps reduce your environmental impact through conscious products and empowering conservation of species facing extinction.

  • Conservation
  • Kind Cotton
    Kind Cotton
  • Water Neutral
    Water Neutral
  • Blue Loop
    Blue Loop
  • Conservation

    Why do we exist?

    Why do we seek a safe and secure home?

    The answers seem obvious.

    However, for certain species at risk of going extinct due to human impact, these are the very questions for which we are answerable.

    We believe the questions to their existence, are questions our own.

    The heart of One For Blue lies in empowering Biodiversity Conservation and Habitat Preservation at the grass root levels, to sustain the ecosystem balance vital for human lives.

    India hosts three of 8 global biodiversity hotspots. 86% of these hotspot habitats have already been destroyed!

    We wish to connect you back to wildlife. We share the same home, after all. One For Blue empowers each citizen to participate in Species Conservation with style.

    By choosing any One For Blue merchandise you do your bit to promote citizen awareness about grassroot initiatives that work to conserve endangered species.

    We devote up to 5% of our proceeds to support those who are helping save endangered species from extinction.

    One such endangered species that has attracted our attention is Sea Turtles. We learned about Sea Turtles and the essential role they play in keeping our oceans clean and healthy from conservation volunteers. We were surprised to know that India is a Global nesting hotspot for the endangered Olive Ridley Sea Turtles, home to 5 of 7 sea turtle species roaming the largest ecosystems on Earth - the Oceans, which also generate 50% of the oxygen we breathe.

    Almost 1,000 Indian species, of which many are found only in India, happen to be included in the Red List of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). We decided to do our best to save them.

    It’s a daunting task, but we aren’t giving up. What’s stopping you?

  • Kind Cotton
    Kind on planet

    One For Blue’s Kind Cotton is made using reclaimed cotton and strengthened with polyester obtained from recycled PET bottles.

    By avoiding virgin resources, every OFB Tee saves 2,700 litres of water compared to a conventional cotton tee, making you water neutral for 30 days. Now, who wouldn’t want NeutraliTee in their wardrobe?

    By using Kind Cotton, we help reduce landfill pile-up by ~350 grams per tee. Landfills are nothing but pristine habitats converted to a dumping ground. Limiting waste generation saves habitats and avoids chemicals leaching into the ground which causes groundwater contamination.

    You remember what the movie Erin Brockovich was about, don’t you?

    Kind on you

    Durable fabrics help reduce environmental impact. ‘Kind’ will take care of your curves while giving maximum all weather comfort as you do the same for the planet by choosing Kind Cotton.

    A win-win!
    Kind on pocket

    Sustainability with affordability is a dream. Our sustainable t-shirts are affordably priced and enhance your style quotient. Going water neutral is now as pocket friendly as it’s cool. That’s what we call a dream coming true.

  • Water Neutral

    starts where your conventional cotton Tee ends. Pre-colored surplus fabric and cuttings undergo an extensive, quality controlled, conversion process to extract cotton fiber. These fibers are strengthened by blending with recycled polyester fibers to develop the high quality yarn used for a NeutraliTee™.

    A NeutraliTee™ is always printed using GOTS approved inks helping minimise your environmental impact.

    NeutraliTees™ are 100% environment positive and skin-friendly.

    Last but not the least, we believe in the philosophy of ‘Buy Less. Buy Good’.

    You want it first. We make it next. We manufacture NeutraliTees in batches to produce just the right amount, so you always get a fresh product designed to catch up with your style.

    What’s more?

    In a bid to go Zero-waste, we up-cycle our industrial surplus increasing the usable life of our fabrics. We work with women SHGs to help create unique patchworks which are then used to create cool totes, travel organisers, pouches, card holders, et al creating a cycle of empowerment.

    Every day sustainability

    Our website is hosted on a green server that works with environmental foundations to purchase wind energy credits putting back three times (3X) the amount of energy you consume while surfing our webstore. In effect One For Blue not only wipes out your carbon footprint but also negates 2x the carbon footprint you generate surfing other websites. So spread the word, and take a scroll without feeling guilty.

    We don’t like to put a tag on this relationship. Literally. Our t-shirts are packed without plastic tags. They’ll be delivered to you in recyclable packaging. Go eco-friendly from head to toe (or torso).

  • Blue Loop
    Blue Loop

    We love our NeutraliTees as much as you do. Work in them, play in them, sleep in them, and if they get torn or you get bored, we’ll happily take them back and make sure their responsible disposal.

    You get Rs. 100/- cash in your One For Blue account for your next purchase (Yay!)

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