1. Where’s my stuff?

Enter your tracking number below to track your package ii.    Tracking number bar | TRACK button

2. What forms of Payment does ONEFORBLUE™ accept?

We accept Credit Cards, debit cards, store credits, and Cash on Delivery for select locations. Cheque payments are not accepted at this time.

3. I received an error message when trying to check out. What does this mean?

Kindly verify that the billing details you have entered are the same as the information on your Credit Card / Debit Card / your Bank details. If you have not entered billing information as per the above, kindly re-enter the correct details and try again. ii.    Everything is correctly entered? No worries, call us on + and we’ll resolve this immediately.

4. How do I know if my order was placed successfully?

After your order is submitted, you will be directed to an order confirmation page with your order number. If you've reached this page, we've received your order and we are either reviewing your payment information or your order is ready to be processed. You should also receive an e-mail confirmation shortly after your order is submitted to confirm that we received it. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an e-mail confirming shipment. ii.    If you have not received any confirmation regarding your order, then please check the correctness of the e-mail ID given while placing the order. In the rare case that we missed sending you an e-mail confirmation, please call us as soon as you realize you didn’t get it.

5. What size should I order?

Take one of your favorite t-shirts, lay it flat and then measure the width and length. For width, make sure you measure across the chest. Refer to the apparel sizing chart on the Product description page to choose the size that’s closest to your fit. ii.    For other products, please refer the Product description page. iii.    We recommend ordering the size you normally wear. If you're typically in-between sizes, we recommend going with the smaller one since our Tee will endure a slight stretch.

6. How do I wash my ONEFORBLUE™ Tee?

We highly recommend hand washing the Tees in cold water with a gentle detergent and letting them air dry. Do not bleach. ii.    Please note that fading can be expected (especially from sun exposure) and does not compromise the durability of our Tees.


1. How was ONEFORBLUE™ started?

Inspired from her trip to Velas, a coastal village on Maharashtra’s coastline, where she saw miraculous sea turtles, their brave hatchlings, and coastal villagers’ enthusiasm towards conservation of the species, Dr. Monika Gera founded ONEFORBLUE™ on Valentine’s Day 2014 for her love of wildlife with a simple premise: With every purchase of a product, ONEFORBLUE™ supports conservation at the grass-root level. To learn more, visit About Us.  

2. What is ONEFORBLUE™?

ONEFORBLUE™ is a simple yet pioneering movement that aims to make conservation a part of our attitude. Unlike most conservation initiatives that follow a non-profit structure, ONEFORBLUE™ aims to be an environmentally responsible and resource efficient conservation enterprise. Most initiatives for environment protection are about avoiding an imminent crash of sorts. ONEFORBLUE™ is completely opposite in that respect. ONEFORBLUE™ is a about a brighter, greener, and cohesive future for the diverse species of our planet. It’s a realization that earth is our most valuable asset, of which we have collective ownership, and therefore, collective responsibility.

3. How did ONEFORBLUE™ get its name?

ONEFORBLUE™ is a movement, the coming together (being ONE) of young and adventurous citizens FOR united action to conserve the bio-diverse resources of the BLUE planet (earth). Our’s is a community of people who care for earth and unite to protect our wildlife and its habitat.  

4. Who is your target customer?

Our typical patron is young at heart, an explorer by attitude. Exploration is in everything we do – travel, cuisine, culture, even relationships – it’s what helps us connect with our inner self. We intend to build ONEFORBLUE™ into a platform where one could share and explore the vast beauty of our planet. As a member, ONEFORBLUE™ helps you explore and preserve nature’s bounty from the comfort of your home, and for nature it delivers your love from miles apart.  

4. How does ONEFORBLUE™ support conservation?

ONEFORBLUE™ delivers your love of nature to its most deprived constituents. We retail apparel and accessories sporting unique designs that make you stand out, and devote 20% of our net-profit to grass-root conservation initiatives, also creating conservation awareness as we and our customers inspire several people every day to join this movement.

5. What initiatives are you presently supporting?

We have engaged with Sahyadri Nisarg Mitra, a conservation non-profit that pioneered Sea Turtle conservation on Maharashtra’s coastline. Additionally, they are devoting energies to Vulture conservation, Forest conservation, and habitat preservation for Sea Turtles through beach cleanups. Further, we are always engaging with conservation initiatives that need encouragement and as we grow we shall look to support critical conservation initiatives.  

ONEFORBLUE™ is a movement intended to be your highway to nature, and we welcome all explorers and nature enthusiasts to come and enjoy the ride with us.

6. Is ONEFORBLUE™ a non-profit organization?

Nope. We are a for-profit company with conservation as our Mission. ONEFORBLUE™ aims to transform our customers into crusaders for the cause of our environment, allowing us to support grass-root conservation efforts rather than depending on donations for critical efforts. We keep you involved on our efforts through regular updates. This model enables us to support conservation while creating thousands of customer patrons along the way.


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1. I want to work for ONEFORBLUE™. How do I apply?

ONEFORBLUE™ is made up of a team of people passionate about wildlife conservation and habitat preservation. If you are interested in joining the ONEFORBLUE™ team, please send an email to iamONE@ONEFORBLUE.com ii.    We are presently looking for valuable do-gooders who can help us with Social Media Communications, Commercial Art designers, Photography (includes conservation photography), Branding, and Sourcing & logistics.

2. How can I promote ONEFORBLUE™ on my campus?

Please write to us at iamONE@ONEFORBLUE™.com with your details and a brief on your campus, and we shall revert shortly.


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