Gor – The Rhino - Wooden Coasters

Gor – The Rhino - Wooden Coasters

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"Gor – The Rhino" - Wooden Coasters

With a horn that can grow to almost 60 centimetres in length, the Indian Rhino is the largest of all three Asian species, and considered the most amphibious of all the rhino species. Its rivet-like bumps on deeply folded skin give this species an armour-plated appearance. The Indian rhinoceros has poor vision, but what it lacks in sight, it makes up for with its good hearing, strong sense of smell, and awesome might!

IUCN Status: Vulnerable


  • Material:  Wood MDF
  • Dimensions: 4'x 4 'x 0.16'
  • Unit: Set of 4 with Holder

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