When I think of OneForBlue, I’m unable to explain the excitement I experience, the longing for those interesting moments that life has in store, my exploration of the wild, my interactions with people, the opportunity to do something that will potentially keep our world a happier place for all, and the enthusiasm of trying to communicate my energy and passion to everyone I meet…
Friends, for those of you who are wondering what OneForBlue is all about, I must tell you I’m myself hoping I know what I’m talking…maybe my experiences constrain my vision…but I’ll share with you what it means to me, and then you have all the right to add to it, your wisdom and experience.
OneForBlue was born out of our (Me and my Lovely wife) desire to do something that is bigger than we could ever imagine to deliver – OneForBlue is a world where humans and the wild live in harmony.
Every time we read this name, a billion ideas and thoughts that cross our mind, we’re witnessing a creative explosion of sorts, and yet, execution and thoughts are as close as the moon and the sun…we are attempting to sow a seed of love, compassion, and hope…it is your participation and belief we seek, to get this seed develop into a movement.
Our story is summarised on our website, but I’d give you a glimpse into how all this started.
I’m an Investment Banker, the typical financial jargon and hustling has taken up about 9 years of life…and one day a friend asks us if we would like to join them on a trip to witness sea turtle hatching…thanks to him, life was never the same again.
Once sensitised to wildlife conservation, we wanted to do something for conservation, but we lacked the means. What does a city dweller busy with his mundane job have to offer for conservation of a wild specie living thousands, maybe millions of miles apart?
That’s what OFB aims to bridge, we’re messengers of love – delivering love from cities to the wilderness. That’s what OFB is, conceptually. How we do that? Develop some cool animal art, use it to create eye popping merchandise that one can use for our regular needs, and carry the message of conservation with pride. We share our spoils with conservation Non-profits, and spend the rest in building the OFB movement.
To those of you who love the wild, we’d like you to shop, give reviews, share ideas and thoughts to help us improve our initiative.
To those who breathe wildlife, please join us in this cause, let’s join hands to spread this message far and wide.
To those for whom the wild is unknown, I must say please try it out once, an open heart receives more love than we can ever imagine. We were once part of your clan, trust us.
Our next blog starts with some interesting facts about interesting species, do check back, I hope we are able to fill you in with some cool and interesting stuff.

Signing off…
Be #OneForBlue

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