We’re avid travellers.

The wild has been a source of great learning for mankind and has always intrigued us. It taught us about human dependence on a properly functioning environment.

Apart from their beautiful colors and funny acts, animals connect our natural world that is a source of life for humans. Water, Air, Food – we depend deeply on our co-habitants to provide for these.

That the wild profoundly impacts our lives was an eye opener. Couldn’t we help them?

Save ’em! Pat came the thought. But frankly, several grass root initiatives are working to conserve them. Yet the situation is worsening. Why so? Because we’re consuming at an unmatched pace, undoing their work at a fast clip.

Together for the planet? Yes. One For Blue is a movement of every one who cares.

Clothing is the world’s second most polluting industry. We’re redefining the closet with clothing made of recycled materials. Intelligent and super cool.

And we’re raring to know, what are you made of?

People behind building this awesomeness

Monika Gera

Monika grew up surrounded by the bounty of nature. At One For Blue, she brings together her love for nature, her sharp sense of style, and drive for women empowerment. At the helm of all affairs – from the finest details on a piece of garment to collaborating with artists, NGOs, and communities on conservation efforts – Monika steers the ship at One For Blue, turning fashion into a force for good.

Nitin Gera

An Engineer by education and Investment Banker by profession, Nitin’s keen sense of business is the driving force behind One For Blue’s growth. A thorough professional, Nitin realises his dream to do something that shapes the future and contributes to sustainable growth at One For Blue. His professional approach and service orientation shapes the work culture at One For Blue.

Connect with Us

Email: Care@oneforblue.com

Address: No. 308, Linkway Estate, Link Road, Malad (W), Mumbai 400 064

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