Not just a word, ONE is an ethos!

Sea Turtles garden the ocean, every species playing a unique role in nurturing it. Green turtles eat sea grass which, like lawn grass, needs to be regularly cut short to remain healthy and grow across

Comrades, we shall achieve, all we need to do is – BELIEVE!

Species evolve through needs and desires. Sea turtles’ trust in mother earth is so extraordinary that caring and nurturing their offspring never inspired anxiety for the species. Trust is the root of courage. Through their trust, Sea Turtles

We’re living on the edge – of exploration…

Imagine having a real time travel memoir you could view any moment!Sea turtles are known to possess magnetite crystals in their brains, helping them map the Earth’s waterways on a matrix like map from the

The ancient mariner ! Who art thou?

Sea Turtles are Jurassic. The 7 species of sea turtles found today have been around for over a 100 million years, since the time of the dinosaurs.Compare that to humans – we appeared on earth


When I think of OneForBlue, I'm unable to explain the excitement I experience, the longing for those interesting moments that life has in store, my exploration of the wild, my interactions with people, the opportunity

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