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We are a sustainable clothing brand that aims to make zero waste living affordable.

One For Blue™ is a movement (being One) of people who care For and aim to limit their use of the bio-diverse resources of Earth, also known as the Blue planet. We’re a community of people united in our endeavor to make sustainability a part of our daily living and for keeping our planet free from waste.

Dr. Monika Gera founded One For Blue™ on Valentines Day 2014 as a mark of her love of wildlife with a simple premise: Sustainable products to make zero waste affordable and, thereby, reducing human impact on our biodiverse habitats and animals. To learn more, visit About Us.

We partner processors and recyclers of shop floor waste on a pan-India basis. From fibers, to yarns, to the knitting of our fabrics - every process is conducted at specialised facilities which are certified by globally accredited agencies. Our fabrics undergo rigorous quality and durability testing to make sure they perform in both casual use and the outdoors.

A typical cotton T-Shirt takes 2700 liters of water to make - including the growing of cotton crop, it's process losses, and various processes which involve use of water. By avoiding virgin materials, One For Blue™ Tees help you save this water. As per research, an average Indian consumes ~90 liters of water daily for various needs like bathing, flushing, washing, cleaning, cooking, and other household requirements. It implies that we consume 2700 liters of water every month. Consequently, by buying our T-Shirts, you save as much water as you'd consume in 30 Days. Which is why we named it the NeutraliTee™, for it's ability to make you a water saviour.

Our Collage™ range sports unique hand-crafted patchworks which upcycle waste generated on the garmenting shop floor. In a bid to go Zero Waste and live by our values of sustainability and minimal waste generation, we partnered Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Mumbai to help us execute this unique concept. Collage™ is a manifestation of our deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and social upliftment.

There's cotton and then there's Organic Cotton. But both of them still need land to grow (which means deforestation possibilites as demand rises), they need all that water - though Organic procedures help us reduce the contamination compared to the pesticide hungry conventional cotton, and then the whole process of coloring them to desired shades which is again water intensive and contaminating the rivers. Our fabric is even better!

Kind Cotton is made with recycled coton fibers from pre-consumer waste and blended with recycled polyester fibers made from recycling of discarded PET bottles. Needs no land, no pesticides, and, since the fibers are extracted from pre-colored fabrics, no chemical treatments. That's Kind, right?

The Blue Loop™ is our flagship programme that rewards our customers to help us develop a reverse value chain for garments that are at the end of their lives and diverting them to those in need, or ensure that they are responsibly disposed with through upcycling, recycling, or downcycling procedures through our partner organizations. This way, we take care to keep finished garments away from landfills. You wouldn't want your memories end up in landfill. Right?

Yes! One For Blue™ works only with carefully selected manufacturers. We select them on their ethical standards and because we trust them in promoting safe working conditions. Together, we are responsible for creating a safe working environment for everybody involved in the making of our products.

Yes. We do. We have worked with some leading global brands, Instagram influencers looking to launch their range of merchandise, and Customers who want to get their band of friends and relatives evolve up the sustainability map. If you have an event where we could help you make an impact, fill in your details here and we'll get back to you in a snap.

Yes. Click here to go to the Bulk Orders section for more details.

Rockstars welcome. Please check out our Careers page here.

Pls feel free to WhatsApp us on +91.9930992383 or write to us on

After your order is submitted, you will be directed to an order confirmation page with your order number. If you've reached this page, we've received your order. You should also receive an SMS OR e-Mail confirmation shortly after your order is placed. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an e-mail confirming shipment. If you have not received any confirmation regarding your order, then please check the correctness of the Phone number / e-Mail ID provided while placing the order. In the rare case that we missed sending you an email confirmation, please check here and if you do not find it, request you to check your cart and place the order again - we’re sorry, probably the system acted up.

Pick one of your favorite T-shirts, lay it flat and then measure the width across the chest. Refer to the apparel sizing chart on the Size page to choose the size that’s closest to your fit. We recommend ordering the size you normally wear. If you're typically in-between sizes, we recommend going with the smaller one for a fitting one and the larger one for a more relaxed fit. For other products, please refer to the Product description page.

Please check our Payment Policy here.

If possible, do our highly recommended Energy Saver wash: Hand wash your garment in cold water with a mild dose of detergent, then line dry. Do not bleach.

Like all cotton garments, your One For Blue garments might fade from prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight, but that does not compromise the durability of our products.

Our garments rarely shrink but you can expect a maximum of 3% - 5% shrinkage depending on your product style.

Hell yes. How could we even offer something that would compromise your comfort and safety? We take pride in our customer orientation and should you have any complaints or issues just shoot us a message on WhatsApp or e-Mail and rest assured we'll leave no stone unturned to have your loyalty lie with us.

We use water based inks which are environmentally less contaminating than their cheaper counterparts. They are skin-frinendly and last longer keeping your garments looking great, longer.

Click here to learn more about our Returns policies and processes.

Go to Your Orders. Select the products you wish to return. You will get a Return Confirmation e-Mail on your registered e-Mail address.


If your order value was above Rs. 1,000/- or higher, there are no deductions. If your order value was below Rs. 999/-, any Service Charges (Shipping and Cash Handling Fees) are non- refundable. The payment shall be credited in your account registered with us within 3 - 10 working days.

Go to Your Orders. Return the products you wish to exchange. You will get a Return Confirmation e-Mail on your registered e-Mail address. Ask for a Full Value Coupon and use it to purchase the size you deem fit for your requirement.

Yes. Please click here to cancel your order. In case the products have already been shipped, you can decide to not acceot delivery and they shall be returned back to us free of any charges. However, if you have accepted delivery, our Return policy shall be applicable. To know more about our Return Policy, please click here.

It takes 3 - 10 business days for us to Refund your payment depending on the nature of the transaction.

We promise our customers a hassle free and reliable service. We take care of all factors that ensure your delivery reaches you efficiently and in perfect condition. For details of our Shipping Policy, click here.

Please click here for tracking your recent orders and their processing status. In case you are not satisfied, please write to us or WhatsApp us your query and we shall be happy to help.

Delivery time period depends on your delivery pincode and connectivity. Typically, if everything goes as planned, delivery takes 3 to 8 working days. However, actual delivery time may vary in case of unexpected circumstances.

Yes. Please click here to know more about how we can help you create positive impact.

No. We believe in the strength of partnerships. We have a formidale set of manufacturing partners who posess a deep sense of service and maintain high quality standards to deliver just the perfect product for your requirement.

We serve all events starting with your Group Tees, to Off Sites, to Product and Brand launches, to Re-Branding initiatives, Volunteer campaigns, Campus events, you name it and we'll find a way to work it. To know more about how we can help you, please fill in your details here and we'll get back to you in a snap.

Yes. We have worked with various Corporate and Retail partners for their custom requirements. From Styles to Prints to Colors we have a broad bouquet of possibilties to make sure you find what clicks with your audience.

The quickest in our experience has been 2 days. Please WhatsApp us on +91.99309.92383 to figure out if we can match your timelines or fill in your details here and we'll get back immediately.

Yes. Do you have a Multi-city, Multi-SKU delivery requirement. Relax, we've got you covered.

Please click here to know more about the process.

Please click here for the Blue Loop Policy.™

If your Company has a Sustainability department, you could write to them and copy us on Alternately, drop us a WhatsApp with your ideas on the opportunity to associate with details about your Organization and we shall have the Sales team speak with you to help you with it.

We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI Wallets, NEFT Payments, and Cash on Delivery for select locations. We do not accept Cheque payments.

Kindly verify that the billing details you have entered are the same as the information on your Credit Card / Debit Card / your Bank details. If you have not entered billing information as per the above, kindly re-enter the correct details and try again. Everything is correctly entered? No worries, WhatsApp us on +91.99309.92383 and we assure you of resolving this asap.

Please check our Payment Policy.

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