Our Impact

Conserving wildlife and its habitat

The smell of the first rain, star-studded skies, blooming flowers, the chirping of birds - everything adds color to our life. We enjoy photographing the wild, love cycling tree-lined paths, and trekking mystic mountains.

But today, we are worried, that we may not be able to keep this magical wealth of nature for our children. As a result of human activity, an increasing number of species are going extinct every day. Tigers, Gorillas, Turtles, Rhinos, and Leopards are amongst the many critically endangered animals.

Biodiversity is facing its biggest threat!

Extinct = Gone, FOREVER!

Can we do something about it?


We’re worried, but not scared – because we are aware, and responsible - more than what we were yesterday. We are making the changes we want, and we are doing this effortlessly, from the comfort of our homes.

ONEFORBLUE believes that our environment is our collective asset, and we – it’s collective custodians.

ONEFORBLUE is a simple yet powerful concept of participative conservation - be a conservationist as you buy and flaunt our cool products and support conservation!