Our Story

It all started with a trip to a shore.

We were experiencing the joy of our lifetime, helping recently hatched baby sea turtles reach the sea. That moment inspired us to start a movement that empowers us to do our bit for the environment, irrespective of where we are, and what we do.

We had always felt that the idea of donations is impersonal, boring and too mainstream. On the other hand, what if we create a sustainable business with wildlife conservation as a primary objective? Bam! The idea of ONEFORBLUE was born – engaging the youth by transforming fashion into a tool to create actions directly related to wildlife conservation & habitat preservation.

Why fashion? In our fast paced world, fashion is instant language, and what best way to use it, than to express our love for nature.

ONEFORBLUE celebrates the beauty of our planet by changing the way we perceive it, and uniting to protect it. Come, join us, as we take this leap.

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