Our name says it all

Why are we called ONEFORBLUE?

We get that question a lot. ONEFORBLUE is a movement, the coming together (being ONE) of young and adventurous citizens FOR united action to conserve the bio-diverse resources of the BLUE planet (earth). ONEFORBLUE is a community of people who care for earth and unite to protect our wildlife and its habitat.

Our Logo

A thumbprint, represents our individuality, a manifestation of our belief that we individuals have the power to make our mark and change the world around us.

It’s also a culmination of many other elements that represent our brand. Whether it’s hearing the earth call out to us, or alarming us about the current conditions we’ve left the earth in, ONEFORBLUE aims to create a ripple effect by igniting a revolution for the cause of conservation.

Our logo uses the color blue of our blue planet for the propagation of this message.