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We’re living on the edge – of exploration…

We’re living on the edge – of exploration… - Oneforblue

Imagine having a real time travel memoir you could view any moment!
Sea turtles are known to possess magnetite crystals in their brains, helping them map the Earth’s waterways on a matrix like map from the moment they are born. Their brain records their travel path – creating a ready reckoner of all that they have flipped across.

Sea Turtles are courageous creatures, exploring in solitude once they achieve adulthood. When they achieve sexual maturity, they travel several thousand miles to reach their natal beach. This journey, for many, ends up in a soup bowl, or as a fashion accessory.
I almost heard a Sea Turtle whisper to me, we’re living on the edge – of exploration! Most certainly, Sea Turtles are nature’s most passionate, fearless explorers. Even the thought liberates my soul, imagine living it!
Once they reach the natal beach, they mate with other Sea Turtles who’ve travelled from various parts of the globe, a global mating fest in shallow sea waters. Turtles mate with multiple partners to ensure their genetic survival.
Shallow waters, however, are extensively foraged by humans for fishing. Several of these home-comers, caught in fishing gear, lose their lives in this quest for procreation. Often, by the time they mature, which takes decades, their natal beaches are converted into resort destinations for human recreation, rendering them homeless.
After mating, females come ashore to lay eggs. They dig a nest with their hind flippers, bury their clutch of eggs, typically about 100 – 150, and return to the ocean – entrusting their legacy to mother earth. Male sea turtles never come ashore – no help for the mom’s in labor – they’re do-it-all vibrant beauties. In about 60 days’ time, deep inside mother earth’s womb, sea turtle hatchlings are born.
After a week of frantic digging, most fragile and without any feed for days, hatchlings emerge on the sand. They look around…oops…alone…
A dark moonlit strip…predators above and below…no father’s protection, no mother’s care…life looks close, but is equally afar.
Will they make it to the ocean? Will they ever meet their mom n dad?
Stay tuned as we bring you face-to-face with the most courageous, the iconic – Sea Turtle!
Signing off…
Be OneForBlue!

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