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Blue Loop Policy

The Blue Loop Program is a reuse and repair program developed with an aim to collect clothes which are no longer being used by our customers and could find better use. For clothes which cannot be reused even after repair, we promote their upcycling and responsible disposal by partnering non-profits and waste management initiatives.

How do I participate in the Blue Loop?

For participating in the Blue Loop you have to be a customer of One For Blue. If you have purchased any of our products, go to your Profile page and select the Blue Loop tab from the left panel.

You will see the list of products you have purchased from us, and which are eligible for a Blue Loop return. Kindly note that only products bought 90 days or earlier are eligible for return as part of this program and will be visible on this page. You can select the products you want to return and click “Generate Return” to generate a RETURN SLIP which you can attach with the products you are returning.

Print the RETURN SLIP and courier / post it together with the products to our address mentioned on the RETURN SLIP. This will help us identify and link the returns with your account.

When do I get my Blue Loop Reward Coupons?

Your Reward Coupons are made available as soon as you click the “Generate Return” tab.

Can I use my Blue Loop Coupons as soon as I generate a return?

The Blue Loop Coupons are available in your account as soon as a RETURN SLIP is generated, however, they are activated only once the return products are received at our address mentioned in the RETURN SLIP.

Coupons can be used immediately upon activation.

Is there a minimum order value to apply a Blue Loop Coupon?

No. A Blue Loop Coupon can be used against any Order Value. Kindly note that you can use only ONE Blue Loop Coupon against a single order.

What if you do not receive my return products on time? Or if they are misplaced?

For the benefit of our customers, we advise you to strictly use reputable service providers for sending your returns. In case your Coupons are yet to be activated after seven (7) days of sending the products, we advise you to check the status of delivery with your service provider.

In case your service provider confirms delivery, kindly ask them to provide a Proof Of Delivery (POD) and WhatsApp it to us on +91.99309.92383 and we shall have it reconciled immediately.

Kindly note we stamp all returns with a One For Blue – Blue Loop Stamp. In case we have received the package, the POD will carry our stamp.

Is there a limit on the number of Blue Loop Coupons I can receive?

Your account can accommodate a maximum Rs. 1,000 worth of Blue Loop Coupons at any given point in time. As you utilize coupons against purchases the balance falls below Rs. 1,000 and we shall add Coupons on returns received after the date of utilization of such coupons.

Can I gift my Blue Loop Coupons to my friends and family?

Unfortunately our website does not allow for gifting of Coupons. However, you could do one of two things to gift your friend a membership to the Blue Loop by

  1. Purchase a product of their choice from your account and surprise them. Voila!
  2. Use our “Refer a Friend” coupon to invite your friend and gift an upfront discount.

What is the validity of my Blue Loop Coupons?

Blue Loop Coupons are valid for twelve (12) months from their date of generation. You can check their validity in the Blue Loop tab on your Profile page.