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it would be called One For Blue

Making sustainability accessible and affordable for a conscious living by empowering you with better wardrobe choices. Not only do we use recycled material for our products, we also ace the zero waste feat.

Sustainability. Zero Waste. Blue Loop.

These are three of the four pillars on which One For Blue stands. The fourth one you ask?


Because change happens only when determined people come together for a cause they truly believe in and act upon.

The bottom line, or rather the triple one, is that One For Blue brings a perfect balance of people, Planet, and Profit. Join us to carry the idea, the vision, and the cause to sustain and thrive in the long run, and continue making a change, one T-shirt at a time.

Our packaging reflects the soul and spirit of our products- eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, and reusable.

What’s more is that you can return and exchange, or refresh your look. Give us your old One For Blue T-shirts for store credits, join us in closing the loop.

Redefining what you wear, because we know you care

We embody compassion and conscience to empower change.



A trip to see the olive ridley turtles hatch changed our perspective. We saw marine species getting endangered at an alarming rate, and the endless, unseen efforts made by the local grassroots to revive this biodiversity. We knew it was the consequence of a series of harmful habits made by millions, and not many were doing anything about it.

This made us question if there is a way to positively coexist with nature? To make conscious choices easily accessible to people who wish to make a change, so that each year we have more turtles hatch on that beach. A planet where nature and humans can flourish together. That’s what inspired One for Blue on this mission to make an impact with style.


Fabric scraps from garment units that otherwise go waste are collected and segregated based on color before being mechanically broken down into fibers. We use only the finest quality reclaimed cotton fibers that receive a Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certificate. Then comes the fun part. The reclaimed fibers are blended with the longer fibers from recycled pet bottles and respun to make the perfect fabric for our products.


Since you are here to make better choices, let us tell you that choosing just cotton is not good enough. We have something better.

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We were inspired to redefine zero waste.

In every workshop, every step of the way, waste is produced. What differentiates us from the rest, is how we put that to use. The shop floor waste we create is turned into handcrafted collage designs. Surplus canvas from mills is upcycled to form the base.

And since we wanted to do real justice to “handmade with love”, women self-help groups patch these scraps to make quirky tote bags, laptop sleeves, pouches, luggage tags, and more in small batches.


Made using a special 3D knitting technology that ensures zero waste. Sounds cool right?

That’s just the beginning.

Our three-layered masks, complete with adjustable ear loops, and a firm nose clip armour up to give you that extra protection.

Protective. Comfortable. Breathable. Seamless.

Almost as if it’s invisible, an extension of your face, just a part of you. Carry on with your daily activities without any discomfort.


We practice what we preach, every step of the way. We know how much you value sustainability through and throughout, and hence we strive to wrap our products in recycled kraft paper packaging, which is eco-friendly and reusable.

Our Founders propel this vision forward


Monika grew up surrounded by the bounty of nature. At One For Blue, she brings together her love for nature, her sharp sense of style, and drive for women empowerment. At the helm of all affairs – from the finest details on a piece of garment to collaborating with artists, NGOs, and communities on conservation efforts – Monika steers the ship at One For Blue, turning fashion into a force for good.


An Engineer by education and Investment Banker by profession, Nitin’s keen sense of business is the driving force behind One For Blue’s growth. A thorough professional, Nitin realises his dream to do something that shapes the future and contributes to sustainable growth at One For Blue. His professional approach and service orientation shape the work culture at One For Blue.

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