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Before we explain the “kind” part, let’s talk cotton.

Why do we still use cotton then?

Because it’s biodegradable, breathable for our skin, and widely manufactured.

Okay then, what can we do better?

By buying clothes that aren’t made of virgin cotton (at least not completely). Instead, opt for clothes made of recycled cotton fabric.

Okay, so how is this going to work?

When recycled cotton is respun to form yarns, it takes polyester recycled from PET bottles to make the fibres long enough.

And voila! By using a better fabric option, you are now also recycling discarded plastic. Without even trying ;)

But, why should I even care about plastic?

*sighs* Maybe because no one wants to live on a planet full of them. Plastic is everywhere, choking all ecosystems and degrading our planet.

And instead of reducing the use of plastic, we are consuming more! Hence we are redirecting all this plastic waste to be a resourceful part of your wardrobe.

This is where Kind Cotton does its magic.

Recycled cotton + PET bottles = 2700 liters of water saved = water neutral for 30days*

*Because on an average, a person uses 90 L of water a day!

We experimented with the ratios of cotton to polyester to make a tee that doesn’t compromise on your comfort. Hence our NeutraliTees are made of 70 percent recycled breathable cotton and 30 percent polyester from PET bottles.

We use organic inks to print the designs inspired by nature. So after every wash, no harmful toxins are released into the oceans.

Kind cotton

is kind on the planet, and kind on you