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Everyone deserves a second chance! Return your NeutraliTee and turn your trash to cash We love our NeutraliTees as much as you do. Work in them, play in them, sleep in them, and if they get torn or you get bored, we’ll happily take them back and make sure they’re responsibly disposed of.

You get a Rs. 100/- credit in your One For Blue account for your next purchase (Yay!).


Seventy-three per cent of all our clothes end up in landflls. We only wear our clothes 7 times on average before discarding them. That’s a lot of waste generated, and mostly not put to good use. The Blue Loop initiative ensures that your old tees/ OFB tees are disposed of responsibly.We endeavour to donate the good ones to various NGOs and use the rest to make other recycled products.

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